1) Do I need to see my GP prior to first visit ?
a) This is not required if you intend to pay for your own treatment. Some insurance companies require you to see your family Doctor first. The address of your Doctor may be required by the Physiotherapist for communication.

2) Will I have pain after the visit?
a) After the assessment and subsequent treatments you may experience pain/stiffness or a change in your symptoms . This is a normal response. The Physiotherapist will be monitoring this and adjusting treatment accordingly.

3) What am I required to wear?
a) As with any thorough examination you may be required to undress to underwear, please bring a pair of shorts if you prefer.

4) How many sessions will I have?
a) On the first visit the Physiotherapist will be trying to find out what may be causing the problem by asking many questions and testing movements etc. She will then formulate a plan and will give you an idea of a proposed number of visits that fit into with your timetable and the condition. Your reaction to the assessment and subsequent treatments will be monitored closely by the physiotherapist to assist her in establishing what may be causing your symptoms.

5) What are the treatment costs?
a) The costs vary between practices and within the country, please consult the Physiotherapist beforehand.