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Welcome to Ergo Physio. Ergo Physio is a physiotherapy practice based in South Kensington, West London. We are very close to Gloucester Road tube station. Amanda Stockton has over 30 years physiotherapy experience and welcomes new patients.

What I Do

Do you need pain relief? Expert advice? Call now! Following an assessment a physiotherapist uses a variety of treatments to relieve pain, regain range of movement, restore muscle strength and return patients to the normal activities of daily life.

Physiotherapy has proved helpful in
  • Shoulder Problems.
  • Tennis elbow
  • Back and neck pain
  • Referred neurogenic (nerve pain)
  • Knee pain/reduced function
  • Strains and sprains
  • Understanding pain and its management
  • Re-education of stabilising muscle functions/core stability
Have you recently noticed... ?
Headaches, aches, pains and/or eyestrain, repetitive strain injury (RSI).
This could be related to
  • Increased computer use.
  • Laptop use at home or work
Laptop Computer usage

There are a range of health and safety hazards associated with the use of laptops. Some of these are similar to hazards associated with other display screen equipment. These include visual disorders, headaches, musculoskeletal disorders and stress. An employer may be required by law to carry out a workstation assessment.

Research has highlighted that the risks associated with laptop usage may be increased because design/configuration of laptops does not allow good ergonomic standards/guidelines to be achieved.

The design compromises of laptop computers make it more difficult to maintain a good posture while working. This can be improved with a workstation assessment - this is also one of the services I offer.


iPad & Tablet Related Injuries